So, after losing a lot of time (probably close to three years) being mucked about by guitarists we’ve decided we’re going on as a four-piece for a while.

The last two really set us back… one never showed, many times gigging instead with other bands without telling us, or simply just didn’t turn up. The other was an absolute prima-donna who cancelled our gigs AFTER HE LEFT!

In between we had the wonderful Baz Francis step in to fill the gap for gigs at the Fiddlers Elbow and Maidenhead Festival, and we thank him profusely for that. He’s a good friend and a professional, and he could certainly teach other guitarists a thing or two about how to be in a band.

So, now we are four. We’ve had our first gig as a four-piece at The Good Mixer in Camden and it was a blast. We’ve got two more coming up at FiFest and The Bedford, Balham. If they go well then there’s no reason why we can’t stay at being a combo.

We will still talk to other guitarists and, who knows, if we can find one who ISN’T a dick then we may be a 5-piece again, but we don’t see the present situation changing any time in the near future.

Anyway, that’s about the shape of things, here at TJS Towers. Hope to see you soon.


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