Mickey Berry

Frontman, singing coach, songwriter, voice-over artist and actor… and none of these are his actual job! Which is a pity because he excels at pretty much all of that.

He's been the frontman of TJS from the beginning, bringing an American soft rock vibe to most of our songs. He's a presence both on stage and in the ears, the shortest goalkeeper ever, and an avid cider drinker (although his liver is still, at time of writing, relatively healthy).

He's contributed some great songs (Skyline, Coming Home & Love And Hate) all with a poignant and thoughtful feel, and brings emotion to everything he sings.

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Mickey was born in the United States, so at least one of us can legally escape Brexit.

He regularly plays football (or soccer, if you must) although there have been times when he's actually been the football.

He's acted in short films and adverts, and is always looking for that one medium-sized break. Mickey is also a regular amateur stage actor as well as appearing in musicals (well, of course he does).

He holds the world record for longest telephone conversation without drawing breath.

There is (probably) nothing he doesn't know about comic books and the characters in them. Wolverine, it is rumoured, owes his look to Mickey.

He feels naked without a baseball cap.

He is an avid LA Kings fan, and a very vocal Liverpool supporter, given that both parents were born and raised either side of the Mersey. Just don't mention toffees.