Mike Atkinson

Mike began TJS back in the dim and distant past and has stuck with it through not much thick and a lot of thin. It's his passion, his thing, and will probably be the death of him.

He plays bass, helps out on backing vocals, writes most of the lyrics, records, edits, mixes and masters the songs, keeps the social media going, acts as free tech support for so many people and is generally the glue of the band. And all with a smile and a hint of sarcasm. Job offers always welcome.

Mike's bass playing has always been the solid wall on which the guitars and singers can paint and, although he can't write a happy song to save his life, comes up with thought-provoking lyrics time after time.

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Mike has learned most of his band skills completely by accident, usually because no-one else wanted to do them. Not the case with the bass, though, that was all his idea.

He is a Spurs fan (UK Soccer, not USA NBA) and also a fan of the New York Giants… so he knows what suffering feels like.

Mike and hair are not friends and don't mix well.

His muse hits at odd hours and songs can come from just about anywhere. Band work never starts before 9pm and he's been known to message his band mates at four in the morning. They think he is mad.

Not quite the comic-nut Mickey is, but still completely addicted to computer games.

Loves rock, pop, metal, alternative, indie, prog, all sorts of classical (especially Beethoven)… well just about anything, really.

He's been known to hide behind speaker stacks and loom in the shadows on stage.

Gets an insane amount of pleasure making audio sound good in the editing suite, especially when no-one can spot the join!

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