Tom Smith

Tom joined us in the in the summer of 2021 as the much-needed engine of the band. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, playing drums, percussion, piano, guitar and bass, and he also sings.

As well as driving the rock for The Julia Set Tom manages to fit in freelance theatre pit work, alongside musical direction for RARE Productions in Leatherhead.

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Tom is, in fact, 57 years of age. However, he looks a lot younger as he has shares in a large business that mainly deals in moisturiser & monkey glands.

Comes across as a gentle and benevolent human being… much like the bipedal equivalent of a Venus Fly Trap.

Went three rounds with Tinky Winky and barely escaped with his life.

Tom is rumoured (although unsubstantiated) to have a secret life as Christiano Ronaldo’s body double for any film work that requires low light and a very long lens.