Simon Goode

Previously played in Chaos Incarcerated amongst others, Simon joined the band early in 2020 (pre Lockdown) on guitars, and he provides the pure grunt and power that, frankly, we were badly missing before.

A self-confessed metalhead, he brings all that to the fore, but can also turn from anthemic rock to be more subtle and atmospheric, and back again, at the drop of a hat.

This can be heard most notably in the upcoming release Running Through My Head which is Simons first original recording with us, with others coming very soon.

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Simon can trace his lineage right back to the Viking King Gottfried The Bloody Loud who, apparently, founded the hamlet of Birmingham back in the 7th century. He defended his domain by setting up confusing one-way systems and deadly junctions upon the old Roman road, a tactic still employed successfully today!

Can play multiple guitars at the same time (well, that's what it sounds like). There is photographic evidence… see above.

Seems to have metal in his bones. That's the musical genre, he's not in the X-Men… we already have one of those. When Simon first heard Slipknot he said "That'll do me!" and never looked back.

Can stare down a photo of a staring cat.

Has the patience of a saint. He'll need that in this band, I can tell you.

Has challenged Mickey to a "Beanie-Off"… the winner will be crowned "King Of The Beanies". Good luck to both of them.