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Julia Set definition: a set of number sequences that even a small variation, a slight perturbation, will change entirely! It portrays this wonderful band in a nutshell. The blend of guitars, and the soulful vocals of lead singer Mickey Berry, bring "The Julia Set" equations to a newfound high.

Their EP " Skyline " was released in 2013, and they are currently working on a new release. The Julia Set is well worth a listen, from their emotion filled lyrics to perfection of instrumentals.

Rock Bandom

The Julia Set. A Great band indeed, they have a very nice Rock Blues feel, reminds us of Billy Joel or Deacon Blue with a touch of Bread thrown in.

Lyrically great with fantastic vocals to match and really good tunes to complete the package.

Hayes FM

Not much slips past my radar when it comes to local bands so I'm wondering how on Earth, for nearly seven years, The Julia Set and I have never crossed paths.

Bluesy, melancholic and soulful, Finding Out is on their new EP called Skyline. The title track has a 'British Eagles' stamp, with hints of Weller at his best once the vocals arrive, so again London Soul seems to be the lifeblood that fills the very heart of The Julia Set.

I'd hazard a guess and say the track Skyline itself is an expression of dissatisfaction of 9-5 mundanity, and that at some time or other, at least one member of the band has spent a day daydreaming at the window of a high-rise office block."

Based in Hayes, The Julia Set come from all necks of the surrounding woods. From Maidenhead, Colnbrook, Hayes and everywhere between, the roots of this band certainly are represented faithfully within their art.

Despite the name, Sunday is an upbeat song with a great chorus, supported by a wall of backing vocals and a screaming lead guitar that seamlessly emerges from great riffs.