Guitars Everywhere!

Right… you know we said, a while ago, that Mark left us to do other things? Well, um… he's back! Yes, Mark has seen the error of his ways and has returned to the fold, with a new sense of purpose and va-va-voom! It's good to have the old sod back and rocking.

So, we're a threesome. Except we aren't. We've also been joined by Simon Goode on guitars, giving us some more rock and gusto. We're really looking forward to playing and recording with him in the lineup.

Which means there's four of us… well, no. Mark isn't the only one to rejoin. Mendel, who used to play with us back in the day, has also come back to us, contributing tracks for recording from his country retreat. Gigging may be difficult but you'll certainly hear him on our recorded tracks.

You can hear both Mark and Mendel on our new track, Finding Out, and Simon is working on tracks that will be out later this year.

So, there are guitars everywhere! Now, if we can get hold of a decent drummer, we may be gigging again… who knows?

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