Mendel Jansen

It's Mendels second stint with us, and he rejoins us to provide not just rhythm but memorable fills and riffs, such as is heard in "Finding Out", as well as giving us much needed and knowledgable creative input.

He's played some great gigs with us before, at such great venues as The Water Rats, The Alley Cat and The 12 Bar in London, and we're really happy to have him back in the TJS family.

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Mendel is a super cool, good looking, adonis of a man (so he tells us) and a very cool dude.

He cannot pass an amp without attempting to buy it, which has caused many fights and at least one donkey fatality. Trust us, the donkey had it coming.

There are rumours that he owns warehouses full of amps scattered across Europe, and is single handily responsible for the world Fender Twin Reverb shortage.

He is Dutch, and is so laid back he's positively horizontal. He is the walking embodiment of why you don't need drugs to have a relaxed attitude. Did we mention he's a cool dude?

Knows his rum. Oh, yes, indeed!

He's very cool. And a dude.

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