Marvin Green

Marvin joined us in the in the summer of 2020 as the much-needed engine of the band.

He's been playing drums for over 20 years in various bands and projects over that time, ranging from covers bands to originals such as Soozi Q And The Dirtbags, Carrier Run and The Nasca Lines. He's also working on some exciting solo projects.

Marvin plays both percussion and full drum kit, in all sorts of styles. and in a variety of different settings and venues from pubs, clubs and functions to bigger venues and festivals.

Marvin's first track for us is Running Through My Head, due out late summer of 2020.

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Marvin is a fine figure of a man and, as such, is hated by the rest of us old, fat, ugly bastards. Except Mendel, who is even finer.

Dave McClain (formally of Machine Head) is his stunt double… allegedly… and even fills in for Marvin at dull family barbecues. No-one's noticed yet.

Supports the mighty Tottenham Hotspur, which means the bass-man has someone in the band who knows his pain.

Apparently loses his shirt at the slightest opportunity. Probably because of Factoid 1 above.

Is the first drummer we've played with who needs spare snare skins in the middle of a gig. Yes, he hits that hard!