Mark Irwin

Introducing Mr Mark Irwin, grade one Guitar Wizard, water carrier and lumberjack. He rejoined us in 2017 and has been stuck with us ever since.

We say "rejoined" because he had a brief stint with us back in the day when we were a covers band, jumping into the breach when our regular axe-man went AWOL. He's that sort of bloke.

His style drives our songs and gives them an identity… you can spot Marks playing a mile off. His riffs, rhythms and lead-work set up the perfect backdrop to our songs.

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Mark regularly plays in a dozen or so bands (so it seems) and occasionally ALL AT THE SAME TIME. We think he might be a Time Lord.

He has approximately two thousand guitars, although his wife thinks he's only got three.

He is a Watford fan… no one knows why.

He owns one single, solitary shirt. Loads of t-shirts, though. He's not a total animal.

Mark can play rock, blues, funk, jazz, swing, and just about any other genre. And can pose in the appropriate way.

Mark is a HUGE Jimi Hendrix fan. His favourite guitar (custom made) has a leftie neck, so it's upside down when he plays, just like the great man.

Never wants to go to the pub with us.